Cities Connecting Children to Nature

The LA STEM Collective is part of the nationwide initiative Cities Connecting Children to Nature, a partnership between the Children & Nature Network and the National League of Cities


Cities Connecting Children to Nature Los Angeles is dedicated to increasing equitable access to nature and green space across LA County by fostering partnerships between municipalities and community-based organizations. 

LA STEM pulled together a diverse group of community leaders across multiple sectors to form an Advisory Council to guide this work.

  • Education (environmental education, green schoolyards)
  • Infrastructure (parks, transportation, planning)
  • Health & Wellness (physical and mental health)
  • The Land (habitat restoration, native plants, conservancy, community gardens)

The first phase of our work was to conduct a landscape analysis, assessing the gaps in services, the accessibility of green space, and the impact of its absence on our communities. This map is intended to serve as a tool for community-based organizations in Los Angeles, helping them make the case for access to nature.  

Click on >> to open up the legend.


The next phase of our work is to develop a Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights (COBOR) for LA County.  A COBOR is a symbolic list of outdoor activities that are important for all children to experience.  The LA County COBOR will be specific to the outdoor resources and activities that are available in our region; things that every child in the greater LA area should have the opportunity to experience.

The public comment survey to determine that list of activities is still open. Please lend your voice and help us create a COBOR for LA County.